To The Moon In My Sky

by Case Federal

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This album is dedicated to the wonderful Kelly McDermott. My muse, my inspiration, my lover, my soul mate... The Moon in My Sky...


released October 1, 2016

All Music & Lyrics Written, Composed, Performed and Engineered by Case Federal.
Mastering by Clint Manning.
Artwork by Case Federal.



all rights reserved


Case Federal Eugene, Oregon

Case Federal is a multi-instrumentalist from Charlotte, North Carolina. A fine musician with an adept knowledge in Music Theory, Jazz, Vocal Performance, and Opera; Case has also been performing live for over 10 years now with countless shows under his belt. ... more

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Track Name: Echoes From My Lover's Lips
One single breath, one word of passion
Echoes from my lovers lips
I swiftly move to run and catch it
As it glides across the sky...
There is not one thing about her
That I would ever suppress
And all she really wants from me is to feel the caress
Of my hand on her skin as she's falling asleep
And to maintain a sense of our love
And believe that true love has the power
To conquer the negative dreams that arise from time to time
They make us aware of the joy in our lives
And give us the strength
To face down the fears in our minds
Track Name: To The Moon In My Sky
To the moon in my sky
How you light up my darkened path
In your radiant glow
I am shedding the scars of my past
With you now I can see
Just how lovely this cruel world can be
All the previous flaws that once clouded my view
Are all passing and now there is nothing
But blue skies…
O! Moon in my sky
You have shown me the stars
Alive and bright with celestial light
And even when the sun rises high as the tide
The moon will still always be there by my side...
Track Name: Amative Rivers
I drank from the waters of my lover's heart
Timid at first, as a gazelle on a river bank
Cautious of falling in and being swallowed up whole…
But then something inside me kickstarted my emotions
So into the waters I dove
Like a kingfisher, starved for days at sea
Volplanely gliding through dark blue waters
With a calm shield surrounding my heart
With a calm shield surrounding my heart…
Here in this river of love
I have seen the one who beings in my heart
And I will search the entire span of mother earth
Until we have embraced
And collapsed in each others arms
Strengthened in each others comfort
Enlightened in each others love
Strengthened in each others comfort
Enlightened in each others love…
I am in love again
And it feels so good...
Track Name: The Flame At The Top Of The Mountain
I have been lost in the wilderness for years
No destination in sight
Simply drifting from place to place
Once in a while I may try
To extirpate a home on the road
But it never does last too long
I'm just not one to settle down…
But then out in the distance
A beacon appears
Drawing me ever near
A star that shines in the night sky
Guiding me home
And though it seems so far away
I'm drawn to it more and more each day
The flame that burns twice as bright
At the top of the mountain…
And though many dangers lie
Between me and that which I desire
I will face them with a strong heart
Burning in my chest like a fire
I will reach that destination soon
And collapse within it's embrace
For I know it will bring me back to strength
To reside within that place
I will reach my destination soon
And collapse within it's embrace
But patience is a virtue
So for now I must just wait
Yes, patience is a virtue...
Track Name: In The Winter
When you came to me in the winter
The sky was so cold and pale
And nothing could prepare me
For the months that were to come
And as we walked beneath the clouds
Albumen and ripe with rain
You placed your hand in mine
And as we passed the time
I grew quite fond of you…
So as you flew back home
My heart, it filled with love
And as the days grew into weeks
And the weeks grew into months
I began to see how much you truly belonged with me
And I belonged with you…
Our love was written in the stars
Long before the painful scars
Of disappointment formed
Upon our hearts...
Track Name: Strangely Rearranged
My dear, how you shine on me like the sun
And I bask in your glowing rays
The days intertwine in our past
As though they were meant to be the same
O! And now we have cow to this exchange…
Yes now, we have become like the breeze
The way we come and go as we please
Yet still have faith that our love will last
Without the need for small silly games
O! And how we've been apart until now
Seems so strange…
Babe, I will always seek to bring you inspiration
Each day I will serve as your muse
For the reach of our creativity is vast
Yet we've no need for fortune or fame
Just the will to see this world
And our surroundings rearrange...